Senior Executive Conference

August 29, 2022

GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute Ruschlikon/Zurich

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The "EnergyCom" Senior Executive Conference is the leading independent platform for decision makers of the Swiss energy industry. The interdisciplinary community is made up of energy suppliers and producers, technology companies, value creation partners, investors, science, associations, authorities and politics. The business-to-business platform makes an important contribution to the strategic future shaping of the energy market and energy transition in Switzerland. The high-caliber community is made up of an exclusive circle of personally invited members of boards of directors and management boards, as well as top managers from relevant business partners. The focus is on informal dialogues between the executives and peers. The private conference is media-free. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, EMPA, the ETH Energy Science Center and the trade association Swissmem are actively involved as an expertise partner.

EnergyCom 2022

Dynamization of Energy Worlds

The importance and central role of the energy industry for national economies has increased massively in recent months and after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and has accentuated the energy policy discourse with the questions of the geopolitical importance of energy sources, the immediate security of energy supply, keywords: Winter gap, gas-fired power plants, CHPs, nuclear power plants and import dependency. Accordingly, the question of how Switzerland can independently supply renewable energy in the future and cope with electricity shortages has become more urgent. 

What should not be forgotten in all these above-mentioned discussions is to exploit the untapped potential on the consumer side. Business partners from industry and the real estate sector are ready to offer and further develop innovative solutions along the entire "energy" value chain in order to achieve the energy future and the path towards climate neutrality and the 2030 and 2050 targets.

At EnergyCom 2022, leaders from leading utilities, finance, real estate, MEM industries and ICT companies will show how they are working in their sectors and across industries to make the economy and society as climate-friendly as possible.

The participants are decision-makers from energy suppliers, investors, authorities and companies who make an important contribution to the future position of the Swiss energy market. On behalf of the hosting Premium Partners: BTC, Gasverbund Mittelland, Losinger Marazzi, Swiss Life Asset Managers and UBS, you are cordially invited to engage in dialogue with your management peers.

EnergyCom - the senior community of the Swiss energy industry for the exchange of opinions and experiences.



Sonja Hasler



Dr. Patrick Dümmler

Senior Fellow/Forschungsleiter Offene Schweiz, Avenir Suisse


Daniela Decurtins

Direktorin des Verbands der Schweizerischen Gasindustrie

Michael Wider

Leiter Schweiz, Stellvertretender CEO, Alpiq Holding AG;
Präsident VSE


Dr. Tanja Zimmermann

Direktorin, Empa (ab 01. Juni 2022)


Patrik Meli

MAN Energy Solutions AG


Adrian Wachholz

Geschäftsführer Elektromobilitätssparte Schweiz,  ABB


Julia Pagel

Leiterin technische Direktion Deutschschweiz,
Losinger Marazzi AG

Lennart Rogenhofer

Chief Climate Officer,
Losinger Marazzi AG


Stefan Mächler

Group Chief Investment (Group CIO),
Swiss Life AG

Urs Fäs

Leiter Real Estate Funds,
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG


Michael Frank

Direktor des Verbands Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen (VSE)

Werner Luginbühl

Eidg. Elektrizitätskommission ElCom


Dr. Matthias Gysler

stellvertretender Leiter Abteilung Energiewirtschaft und BFE-Chefökonom, Bundesamt für Energie

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GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Langhaldenstrass 21, P.O. Box 531
CH-8803 Rüschlikon/Zürich
+41 44 724 61 11


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